Audio Readings October 17, 2014 28th Week in Ordinary Time

Ephesians 1:11-14; Psalm 33:1-2, 4-5, 12-13;Luke 12:1-7

Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

Many people were crowding together. (Luke 12:1)

At one point or another, we have all schemed and pushed to get something we want: an afternoon off during the workweek, an extra discount at the market, or a favor from a friend. So we can all understand the work involved in taking matters into our own hands and making situations work out to our satisfaction. Sometimes such determination is a good and necessary thing. But often, we end up grieving others or vexing ourselves as we strive—even in matters of faith.

As he made his way to Jerusalem, Jesus had been telling his listeners to love one another (Luke 10:29-37) and assuring them of God’s love and concern for each of them (11:9-13). He had healed the sick (8:43-48), raised the dead (8:49-55), and cast out demons (11:14). As a result, thousands were drawn to him, even to the point of “trampling one another” in their efforts to get near to him (12:1). They were desperate to witness a miracle or to be healed themselves.

So how did Jesus respond to this “pushy” mass of people who were trying to get what they wanted? Not by reproaching them but by telling them that they all had great worth in God’s eyes (Luke 12:7). Greater than fear, greater than desperation, is the knowledge that God loves and cares about us. It’s the confidence that he wants to take care of us and that he has the power to do so. But greater still is his desire to lift our attention above those things, to break into our neediness and turn our eyes to him.

Believe today that God will give you what you need. It’s not all up to you to push forward and take it for yourself. God wants to work with you. He loves you just as you are, even as he sees all that you can become. If your faith needs to be deepened, he will help you. If you need healing, he will provide it. If he has somewhere else for you to serve him, he will lead you. Concern yourself above all else with knowing the Father’s love, and the rest will surely follow.

“Father, I want to know you and your love for me. Clear my mind of the things that keep me from you. Lord, I want to be yours.”~WAU



About gemdk

I am a cradle Catholic who made my first Holy Communion over 5o years ago at All Saints Catholic Church in Houston,TX in 1961. Went to Mass every Sunday as a child and teen and then young adult. Fell away for about 12 years in the late 80's, early 90's and then realized what was missing in my life was my Catholic upbringing and faith. Found my home at Sacred Heart in Crosby. Filling up the void I had for those 12 years in more ways than I can imagine, loving every minute of it. But this blog is not about me as much as it is for me and anyone who wants/needs to hear the word of God. I'm merely the instrument God uses to post the readings.
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